Braun Shaver Mobile review

Braun Shavers have mobile versions as well!

Braun electric shavers are the perfect solution for men looking to maintain a trendy appearance all the time. We review the best Braun electric shavers and make comparisons in price and quality with other brands.

The days when men would simply wet their hair and run their fingers through it are long gone. Nowadays, men are more concerned about their appearance than before and will spend hours grooming themselves.

If there is one aspect of male grooming that has the biggest effect on their appearance it is how well they shave their hair as well as their beards. There are many tools available to make the task of grooming for men much easier.

Braun Electric Shavers – Usage Tips

Whether you are using a simple hand clipper, a razor or electric shaver, it is important to get a few facts about shaving right the first time. First impressions are normally very important and we all want that smooth shave that makes us irresistible.

Men’s beards grow pretty fast – just 24 hours after shaving, an itchy stubble will appear. These tips will help you take good care of your Braun electric shavers and ensure that you will be able to take care of that daily growth of body hair after shaving.

  • Shave before taking a shower because the skin tends to be loose after washing
  • Always shave in the direction opposite that of hair growth – at right angles
  • To get a consistent shave, apply the same amount of pressure all of the time
  • Always use a clean shaver – wash after every session to remove bacteria and debris (a good number of Braun shavers will come with accessories that allow for automatic cleaning, drying and charging)
  • Rinse shavers under running warm water – use some liquid soap for extra cleanliness
  • Always ensure the shaver is well lubricated to avoid blockage during usage.
  • Remove the shaver head and scrub them thoroughly – avoid scrubbing the cutting blades as this makes them blunt
  • Use spray cleaners for a more effective cleaning of the shavers
  • Replace the cutting parts at least every 18 months as they wear out after constant use

The range of Braun shavers is quite large and you are spoilt for choice depending on your preferences: