Braun 790cc
A few years ago, electric shavers were questionable. They were very expensive and their performance was poor. Many men considered them a waste of money. But after Braun entered the market, they come up with innovative series of shavers that changed the concept of electric shaving as we knew it.

The Braun Series 7-790cc pulsonic shaver is one of the best shavers ever realized by Braun. The shaver is powerful and efficient at the same time. The popularity of the Braun 7 Series is not because of its power or its efficiency, it is because it solves every shaving problem and at a reasonable price too.

Features of the Braun Series 7-790CC

1. Uses OptiFoil technology.
The OptiFoil is an advanced foil shaver design that allows us to have a closer shave. Before the release of this electric shaver, most men used electric shavers for their convenience but when they need a closer shave, the turned to razor shavers. The Braun series 7 790 cc changed all these. With its OptiFoil technology, you can get a close the close shave associated with razor shavers while enjoying the convenience of electric shavers. The OptiFoil technology also minimizes the time spend in shaving since it produces much more vibrations per minute.

2. Personalization modes
This electric shaver offers users a chance to personalize their shaving experience depending on their hair and skin type. We all have different skin and hair types, the main reason we use different shavers. With the Pulsonic shaver, you can personalize the shaving style and experience depending on your skin type.

You can choose from normal modes, intensive modes and extra sensitive modes of this shaver.

3. Contour adaptive shaving head

The shaver comes with a contour adaptive shaving head which makes shaving a breeze. The shave will easily adapt to your neck and face contours. It is flexible enough to ensure maximum facial adaption hence leaving to spot unattended. Because of its adaptive properties, you dont need to shave the same area twice.

Pros of the shaver.

  • Its fast.
  • Its comfortable.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.


  • Absence of wet shave.
  • The cleaning fluid evaporates easily.

The Braun series 7 790CC is one of the best electric shavers in the market today. It is effective, comfortable and easy to maintain. In fact, the clean and renew system of the Braun 7 series cleans automatically, lubricates, dry, change the shaver and scent by only pushing one button. This enhances the performance of the blades while at the same time extending the durability of the shaver.