Braun 7 799cc-7If you are an avowed user of the manual shaver and are reluctant to convert to an electric shaver, the Braun Series 7 799cc shaver is the right tool for you. Many people, especially those of the older generation, were brought up to believe that a clean shave can only be attained using a manual shaver. Nothing can be further from the truth!

The Braun Series 7 799cc shaver is surprising quiet. So much so that you may be misled to think that it is not capable of performing its main function of shaving. It has a very powerful cutting system which makes it one of the most efficient shavers with a quiet motor.

So, why choose the Braun Series 7 (799C) shaver over other brands?

  • Pulsonic technology comfortably handles all types of hairs
  • Shear system for maximum contour adjustment
  • LED display shows charging status as well as the cleanliness of the shaver
  • Catches hairs from 0.05mm length
  • Intelligent sonic technology with 10,000 micro-vibrations and Turbo mode. The world’s strongest and fastest micro vibrations help capture more hair – for Braun thorough shave all time
  • 5 personalized settings for better adaptation to your beard: Extra Sensitive – Sensitive – Normal – Intensive – Turbo
  • Patented Active Lift & OptiFoil – raises flat-lying hair in problem areas like the neck
  • Clean & Renew Cleaning Station – cleans, conditions, loads, and dries the shaver at the touch so it feels like new every day

Premium performance at a premium price? The Braun Series 7 799cc-7 answers this question with a definite YES! This is a pretty long review of the Braun Series 7 799cc-7 shaver so I will save the lazy ones among you the time and give the final assessment here – 4 stars for impressive workmanship and shave quality with almost zero skin irritation. I would have given a 5 star were it not for the high price of the device and the haphazard manner in which it was packed.

At the last check, the price was $365 which is a 12% reduction on the original price of $400 – expect further reductions during the Black Friday and Christmas holidays. The price reductions  tempt me to upgrade the rating to a five star but the packaging issue will not just go away.

I would describe myself as a casual shaver with a preference for electric shavers. My job requires me to move around often and it is a must for me to have a machine that allows for a quick shave. The machine I have always used is the Philishave 8894 which has served me well save for inability to shave the neck area. As the machine wears out, the quality of the shave becomes even worse and the only thing to do is to replace the shaving head. A shaving head replacement costs around $45 and this time instead of changing it I decided to try out something new. It was time to change from the Philishave to the new Braun Series 7 799cc-7 as the reviews I had been reading indicated that it was a good shaver.

I was looking for a shaver that would give the best results without the compromise I was getting from my Philishave machine. Braun Series 7 shaver looked like the best bet – at least on paper. In my humble opinion though, the cleaning station is really an unnecessary option that does not add any value. The Wet/Dry option comes in very handy whether you are in the shower or bathtub.

Amazon typically deliver within two days and this delivery was not any different. Back to the packaging story once again. The packing was not really perfect as the box the shaver was in a corner of the shipping carton, round padded with filler material and two sides left unprotected. When I first took out the box, I noticed a loose part in the box and thought “oh my – you’ve got to send them back immediately”. After opening the box, I was somewhat relieved that the loose part was just the cleaning brush. It must have been loose in the pack and was falling around inside the carton.

My first impression of the Braun Series 7 799cc

The box was slightly damaged – probably due to the loose parts moving around inside during shipment. Overall, the unboxing was not an experience commensurate with the price and a discount packer could have done a better job! Honestly, at that price one would really have expected better packing.

The razor itself is packed in a black, sturdy travel case which looks very classy and expensive. However, looking at it closely it looks more like a coffin and it is something that one will have to get used to. As classy as it may look, I don’t think it is something that I will be using often unless I am travelling out of town.

Using the razor is comfortable to the hand due to the rubberized back as well as the easily accessible controls.

Installing the Braun Series 7 799cc 7

Inside the box also is user guide that indicates that the razor must be charged before the first use as it almost completely empty when new. You will need at least one hour of charging before starting to use the shaver.

The loading and cleaning station is easy to install with a simple system. The station is unlocked using a button on the left which leads to the supplied cartridge popping out. You open the cartridge by pulling off the cap then pushing it below the station. To complete the installation, push down the station until it snaps into place.

In the middle of the cleaning station there is a start button as one for quick cleaning. LED lights give an indication of the level of the cleaning cartridge as well the status of the razor and whether it requires any cleaning.

Shaving experience with the Braun 799cc

When the battery is fully charged, the manufacturers promise up to 50 minutes of shaving before the next recharge. This is low compared to the Phillisave which does up to 110 minutes per charge but should make a big difference as a thorough shave is normally completed within 3-5 minutes.

The Braun shaver uses a high-frequency vibration system called Sonic. Unfortunately, the shaver produces a lot noise and it will be difficult to use early in the morning when other members of the family are still asleep. The same applies to the cleaning function as it also produces relatively high noises as compared to others I have used. This is because you will need to switch on the razor when cleaning.

During shaving, the shaver head glides pleasantly and easily on the face and adapts well to all its contours. You can select the intensity of the shaver through two buttons on the left and right of the main switch using your thumb while shaving. While this is a good feature, I expected to feel and hear different vibration frequencies as I changed the intensity. However, the optical displays show all the stages clearly through different colours (blue, light-blue, green).

I have tested the shaver on various intensity levels in order to understand whether it can solve the problems that I normally experience with my Phillishave. The Braun Series 7 799cc shaver is very effective even on three day beards unlike the Philishave which feels uncomfortable on long whiskers which you will have to trim before using the machine on. The machine handles the neck area (a problem area for me) very well despite its large shaving head. Another area that the shaver handles quite well is the upper lip which can be tricky sometimes especially due to the nose hairs. The problem however, is the chin area which is difficult to maneuver due to the large shaving head of the Braun Series 7 799cc. At least with the Philishave I was able to manipulate the shaving head around my chin with little or no rework. It is not a major problem and I also think that after I get used to the 799cc it will much easier to perform.

Overall, I can that the shaving experience is more than satisfactory for the Braun 799cc. The speed and thoroughness of the shave (at least in the higher mode) as well as the skin-friendly nature of the shaver makes it much better than my former one. I did not see any redness or irritation after shaving with the Braun 799cc-7. The problems with the goatee do not really count because the 799cc-7 was not meant as a beard trimmer or styling tool as there are many devices for those applications.

The trimmer is located on the front of the device and, as is usual with these devices, can be expanded via a slider. Although it may appear as a gimmick, the trimmer does perform some functions quite well. For example, trimming side-burns and long beards was not a problem for this shaver. However, it cannot replace a real hair/beard trimmer as the ergonomics are impeded by the shaver head design.

Cleaning and Maintenance:

After shaving, you will get a display on the shaver showing its hygiene status – however, I think it should be able to show more degrees than the two you will see. Despite, the shaver coming with a cleaning station, I still personally prefer manual cleaning. This allows the entire shaving head to be removed by pressing a button and then removing all the accumulated hairs. What is striking with the Braun 799cc is that, unlike in the Philishave, you will find that the hairs have been pulverized to a powder! I think maybe this happens so as to allow for automatic cleaning to be effective.

Cleaning using the station is very simple, the shaver is plugged in and you will immediately see the recommended setting displayed. Cleaning is activated using the start button which triggers a wobbly action. When cleaning, the shaver is switched on at intervals to clean the shaving head. After the cleaning process is complete, the shaver is dried using induction. If you are in a hurry, there is a quick cleaning program that last for 25 seconds and does not include the drying process. The shaving head must thereafter be hand-dried using a soft cloth or used immediately if you are wet-shaving.

Manual cleaning is very simple and involves putting the shaving head under running and cleaning the drive part of the shaver with a brush. You then simply let it dry naturally and it is ready for use.

Braun recommends that you regularly apply a drop of mechanical oil (silicone and acid free) on the shaving head. It should strictly speaking be applied on the long hair separator in the middle of the shaving head which will reduce the friction and guarantee a long life for the shaver.


Is the Braun Series 7 799cc-7 really worth the almost $300 price tag? This is not an easy question to answer as everybody has their preferences and needs. But in terms of the technology, processing speed and performance I personally vouch for this shaver and think it is worth every cent invested in it.

The shaving results are very good and even if you really have to repeat shaving a particular spot on your skin there minimal skin reactions. This is achieved even without lotion, foams or other chemicals. People with very sensitive skin types will welcome the Braun Series 7 799cc as a blessing.

The cleaning to me seems like an unnecessary and expensive addition that does not add much value given the cost of the replacement cartridges. These do not last for long and have to be frequently replaced. From a hygiene point of view, the cleaning station does a good job of keeping the shaver very clean. But honestly, holding the shaver under running hot water for one minute would achieve the same results.

Apart from the somewhat poor packaging, an unexpected price and idiosyncratic (coffin-shaped) travel case, there is really nothing to complain about the 799cc-7. In short, I really had a lot of fun using the Braun Series 7 799cc-7 and would recommend without hesitation.