Why Manscape the Groin Area?

The perception that a man has to be hairy has slowly disappeared as more and more men groom themselves to a level never before seen.

This is especially true when it comes to the new craze called manscaping that is basically the removal of hair for cosmetic considerations.

Every man has his own motivation for manscaping. For example, some men manscape for health, hygiene and medical reasons while others do it for purely cosmetic reasons. Other men will go through the process of manscaping just to attract the fairer sex.

For those men who have never even thought of shaving the groin area, they do not know what real pleasure is all about. In fact, the furthest most men have ventured with their razors is probably the chest area.

Manscaping in the true sense of the word is an alien concept to most men probably because they consider the groin area a no-no for sharp objects such as razors.

We have taken the time to get all the up-to-date information as regards manscaping of the groin area and you can rest assured that the procedure is simple and safe if done the right way. These products below will help you during this procedure.

Best GroomerPhilip Norelco Bodygroom Pro

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To perform a quick shave of the groin area$60
Best Grooming ScissorsTweezermans
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To cut excess hairs$12
Best Pre-shave OilJojoba
jojoba oil review
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Pre-shave oil to prevent razor burn$10
Best Post-Shave AntiseptecCool Fix
cool fix antiseptic for manscaping
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Post-shave protection from bacteria and also provides soothness$24
Best CreamArt of Shaving Unscented
best post shave cream
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Post-shave cream for smoothness and protection$25

Advantages of Shaving the Genitals

There are a number of obvious advantages for manscaping the groin area:

  • Easy to do
  • Leaves your skin feeling smooth to touch
  • Improves enjoyment of coitus
  • Reduces bad odours as bacterial growth is lessened
  • Increases desires by your partner
  • Encourages adventurous intimacy
  • Exposes the genitalia making it appear bigger in the process
  • Affordable than other methods such as going to a salon and having your groin waxed or laser treated

Disadvantages of Manscaping the Groin Area

While there are many benefits of manscaping as described above, there are also some possible negative effects of the procedure:

  • Exposed skin makes it more sensitive
  • Razor burn
  • Cuts and wounds
  • Skin rashes
  • Irritation of the skin especially when it is growing back
  • Transmission of STI infections
  • Pimples

Most of these negative effects can be easily countered and this article will teach you a few methods you can use to mitigate against these effects. There are basically two ways that you can manscape your genitalia area:

  • Manually with a razor
  • With an electric trimmer (like the one you normally use on your face)

The method and manscaping tools you use is a choice that you will make at a personal level depending on the result you want or expect. The manual razor gives the smoothest shave and is the easiest to achieve within a short time.

An electric groomer on the other hand will be appropriate for men who just want to reduce the size of the bush around their genitals without necessarily trimming it down to the level of the skin.

double razorA manual razor is therefore the best choice if you want a close shave that will result in a clean and bare appearance. The method is a little time consuming and requires some effort but the results are stunning. The best tool for this kind of shaving is the razor, Schick Quattro Titanium, and other razors can be found here. For those who prefer a quick shave of the groin area, the Philips Norelco Body Groom does the job well.

Before you start manscaping, you will make sure that all the necessary tools and other consumables are available. Let us first look at the tools you will require for a successful manscaping session that involves a manual razor:

  • Schick Quattro razor blade
  • Wahl Micro Groomsman Personal Trimmer
  • Jojoba pre-shave oil
  • Art of Shaving Unscented Cream
  • CoolFix antiseptic
  • Balla baby powder

If you are using an electric body groomer, you will just need the antiseptic and body powder mentioned above.

While the products recommended above are not very cheap, they are of the highest quality and I can vouch for them due to their effectiveness and quality results. As we are dealing with a fairly sensitive part of the body, it is only fair that we take the utmost care when shaving.

Manscaping Groin

Sportsmen manscape because they are mostly in the glare of the public and want to look their best. There are also performance considerations for sports such as swimming where a stream lined body can assist in gaining you those crucial extra seconds required to win a race.

Body builders will shave their hairs so as to give more prominence to their well-built muscles and also give them that glossy magazine look.

No matter what your reasons and motivations may be for manscaping, there are basic manscaping tools that must be in place for an effective grooming session.

These tools make it easy to remove body hair in a clean and hygienic way that leaves you looking good no matter what the reason for manscaping may be. You should realize that the tools used for grooming one part of the body do not necessarily have to be the same.

This is because these parts have their peculiarities in terms of accessibility and sensitivity.

Manscaping Tools 1 – Scissors

TweezersThough many people do not realize it, scissors are by far the most important manscaping tools for a man to have in his arsenal of grooming tools.

They are used especially in hard to access areas such as the nose, ears and groin areas (on the scrotum).

Grooming these hard to get areas require a well-designed pair of scissors that is easy to hold and manipulate. For example, you do not want to have a pair of scissors that are too large to work with in such places as your ears or nose. The manscaping scissors must have thin and long blades for ease of cutting hairs.

The scissors should also have sharp blades because of the intricate nature of the hairs in those hard to reach areas.

Sharp scissors help in preventing the formation of pimples that are common when blunt scissors are used. The scissors must also be made from stainless steel due to hygiene considerations. Stainless steel is easy to clean and sanitize unlike other metal – it also causes less allergic reactions in people.

Manscaping Tools 2 – Electric Hair Clippers

Electric hair clippers are good for trimming the large chunks of hairs in easy to access areas of the body such as the head and chest.

They are a very efficient way of cutting your hair as they are faster than scissors and come with comb guards that are used for controlling the level of the hair cut.

The electric hair clippers are basically two toothed blades that vibrate in opposite directions against each other so as to create a scissor effect. This means that they are more appropriate as trimmers and not shavers as they do not cut the hairs down to the skin level.

You only require just one pass with trimmers to achieve the desired cut level. Trimmers do not result in cutting of the scalp as they are set at a particular level.

Electric trimmers come in handy for manscaping as there are some places where you do not want your barber handling!

Manscaping Tools 3 – Electric Razors

Electric razors are an essential part of the tool kit for male grooming as they go a little further down towards the scalp or skin. These are useful especially for shaving of beards because they mow the whiskers down to the skin level.

They are also used on other areas of the body such as the chest, back and groin areas. For hairs on the face area, it is better to stick to the electric razors and other expensive equipment and leave the disposables for areas below the neck such as the chest as well as groin.

Another benefit of using these disposable blades for manscaping groin areas is for hygiene — shaving your face with the same blade that shaves your groin can lead to infections.

Additional Highly-Recommended Manscaping Tools

Schick Quattro

You should never make the grievous mistake of using poor quality razors when manscaping the groin area. Apart from the obvious risk of injuring yourself, it is also possible to get infections to that area. Stay away from those cheap razors and get yourself a good quality shaver such as the Schick Quattro.

With this shaver, the likelihood of getting is almost nil as the blades are protected by a wire meshing which prevents the hairs from being cut too close. The Schick razor definitely is the shaver to use for those delicate jobs near your family jewels.

The blades are available on Amazon and will cost you $11.00 for a pack of eight blades.

Wahl Personal Trimmer

wahl trimmer reviewIf your hair has grown to a point where using a regular razor becomes difficult, you will need to use a trimmer. A small and inexpensive trimmer like the Wahl Personal Trimmer is an excellent tool for getting the hairs to the right size for shaving with a razor.

When you try to shave overgrown pubic hairs using a razor, it may become clogged with hairs thereby making it unusable. These trimmers are not expensive and cost below $10 from Amazon.

You will however have to replace the trimmers after about 10 months as they eventually give in to the rough encounter with pubic hairs. In case you are pressed for time and would like to get over with shaving as soon as possible, a body groomer might just be the equipment you are looking for.

There are many good body groomers out there that you will be spoilt for choice.

Philip Norelco Bodygroom Pro

phillips bodygroom pro reviewMany body groomers have a built-in trimmer which is an added advantage. A premium brand you might want to consider is the Philip Norelco Bodygroom Pro which will provide you with a quality shave without much hassle.

Unlike other shavers, the Bodygroom Pro will not leave your skin feeling itchy or irritated as it has design features that prevent that from happening.

The other advantage of using this groomer is that the shaving head is made from hypoallergenic material that will not result in rashes associated with allergies.

As mentioned before, this equipment does not come cheap – you will cough out around $70 if you buy it from Amazon. This is a sensible investment to make as the groomer will serve you well for a long time.

Dessert Essence Jojoba Oil

For extra comfort and smoother shave, you can use a pre-shave oil especially when using a manual razor. The pre-shave oil forms a protective layer on the skin thus preventing razor burn while at the same time nourishing the skin.

A good pre-shave oil to consider is Dessert Essence Jojoba Oil which is highly recommended by many people. A bottle will set you back $12 from Amazon.

The Art of Shaving Unscented Cream

As the groin is a sensitive area, you only want to use the best shaving cream so as to avoid irritation and possible injury. The cream you choose for shaving your groin area must not be loaded with chemicals that can cause damage to the pubic area.

It should have hydrating properties that will leave the groin area supple and smelling fresh. One of the best shaving creams for this purpose is The Art of Shaving Unscented Cream which goes for $18 on Amazon for a five ounce tub.

Cool Fix Antiseptic

cool fix antiseptic for manscapingNo matter how much care you take when shaving the groin, the activity will leave your skin exposed and prone to bacterial infection. This is because the natural protective layer and environmental balance has been disturbed.

You will therefore need to provide some immediate protection using an antiseptic to prevent those ugly breakouts. A well-known antiseptic for that purpose is Cool Fix.

It will soothe your skin with a cooling sensation while at the same time providing the necessary antiseptic protection. Your skin will feel refreshed, moisturized and extra-smooth to touch. Purchase this product from the Amazon for a reasonable $22 and you will not regret your choice.

There is a natural reason why you have pubic hair – it provides a cushion around the groin area. When you shave, that natural cushion is removed thereby leaving the skin around this area prone to irritation.

Using a good quality body powder will ease the effects of after-shave irritation while at the same time providing a dry environment. A product I would recommend is Balla Powder – a super-fine powder that will leave your skin feeling quite refreshed. Again, Amazon is the best place to purchase this product and it will cost you just $15 a pack.

Preparation for Shaving of Groin

Before you begin shaving your genitals, you will need to properly set-up your work area so as to make the process as efficient as possible. In most cases I find that using the bathtub to be the best place because for the following reasons:

  • Comfortable – you can keep yourself stable as you go about your business without worrying about falling
  • You can soften the hairs by submerging yourself in water
  • Cleaning of your equipment is faster and convenient

You should take precautions when using electric equipment in the bathroom to avoid the danger of electrocution. You should always keep in mind the fact that your skin must be taut when shaving so as prevent injury through cutting.

Another thing you should remember when shaving is that it is best practice to shave in the direction of hair growth. The reason for this is that many people get irritations when they shave against the grain. Though shaving against the grain gives the smoothest and cleanest shave, it can result in irritation and should be done with caution.

How to Manscape Groin Area

Manscaping your groin area is a systematic process that must be followed to the letter if you wish to achieve the best results.

  • Disinfection – the bathroom environment is full of bacteria which can contaminate your shaving tools. It is therefore very important to make sure that the shaving equipment is thoroughly disinfected to prevent transmission of germs to your skin when shaving. When you shave, you disturb the delicate environment of the skin which loses its natural protective layer. Disinfection must be done before and after a shaving.
  • Trimming – removal of the bushy growth as a preliminary step makes it much easier to shave with a razor. All that is needed for the procedure is a simple pair of scissors or clippers which you use to reduce the length of the hairs before continuing to shave with a razor. This step is more applicable if your pubic hair is too long and can be skipped if you are a regular shaver.
  • Pre-shave oil application – as discussed earlier, the use of a pre-shave oil is more of a preference rather than a must requirement. When applied to the skin, the pre-shave oil gives extra protection from razor burn by making the razor glide smoothly over your skin.
  • Shaving Cream Application – using your hands, lather up a good amount of shaving cream and apply it to your genital area.
  • Shaving – this is the most important part of the whole process and care should be taken to prevent cuts to the skin. Hold the shaft of your manhood and work around it with a razor or groomer, making sure that you do not press too hard as this might cause injuries. Extra care should also be taken when shaving the balls and you should to stretch the sac for efficient shaving. The most efficient way of going about the shaving process is a matter of personal choice and I would advise you to use the most comfortable method.
  • Antiseptic Application – the importance of sanitizing the area of germs cannot be repeated enough. Take a small amount and apply on the shaved area with your hands. You will feel a slight burning sensation for a short while but it will eventually disappear. Allow a few minutes for the antiseptic to dry before going to the next step which is application of talc powder.
  • Body Powder – applying a good body powder like the one recommended earlier plays a major role in keeping you feeling comfortable after the shaving process.
    That is basically the process that you need to follow so as to get a cool shave in that most important part of your body. Now that you have decided to start shaving your genitals, remember that manscaping is a continuous process of constant maintenance.

Have a program of shaving that is not so frequent – a couple of weeks apart will work just fine. This is because shaving that area every other day can lead to really nasty breakouts and is actually not necessary at all.

Just make sure you apply a mild antiseptic in the first few days after a thorough shave to keep infections at bay. If you do this the right way you will become hooked to manscaping and it will become hard for you to turn back.

Enjoy your new shaven look!