Merkur Long Handled Safety Razor

The Merkur Long Handled Safety Razor reminds one of the old kind of razors that our grandfathers used to use. It is completely different from what we are nowadays used to in that it consists of only a single blade and is made from study stainless steel metal.

One thing that you will immediately notice when you start using the Merkur Long Handled Safety Razor is that your skin will be much smoother than before. For people who have acne issues, they will reduce significantly when you shave with this razor.

As the Merkur Long Handled Safety Razor has only one blade, shaving will take a much longer time because the whiskers will not all come off in the first pass. You will need to make several short passes along your skin with the Merkur safety razor to completely remove the hairs. Make sure that you always move along the grains and that the shaving area is adequately lathered with shaving cream. This will prevent cuts and in-growth of hair which eventually leads to ugly bumps on your face.

Merkur Long Handled Safety RazorThe Merkur Long Handled Safety Razor takes some time to get used to but when you do, there will be very few razor cuts to your skin. At the end of the day, the Merkur safety razor is cheaper than using the conventional blade as you never have to replace it for a very long time. Since you are only changing one blade at a time, you will spend less than a third of what you use on conventional razors.

The Merkur safety razor is very effective with beards that are older than three days. This is an advantage for people who do not like to shave on a daily basis because they just do not have the time.

How to Use the Merkur Long Handled Safety Razor

When properly used, this shaver will result in one of the smoothest shaves you will ever experience. It is a manual adjustable shaver that has settings from 1-6 which exposes more or less of the blade depending on the level of shaving that you want. The higher up the scale you set the blade, the more aggressive the shaving will be.

This option of adjusting the coarseness of the shave is a convenient feature that will give more flexibility in achieving your desired shave. The shaver is not your traditional type of shaver as it comes with just one razor as opposed to three razors for the standard times.

Another difference is the mechanism that the shaver uses for changing of the razors. While in conventional shavers the razor compartment is accessed using a twisting motion, with the Merkur razor you just press a small notch that is on the side of it. Once the notch is removed, the blade will just fit comfortably over the compartment provided.

Ensure that your hands are dry when you are changing the blade as the head might twist and cut your fingers.

Step 1 – Soak Brush in water for a few minutes

soak brush in water

Step 2 – Shake off water from brush and swirl it inside the shaving cream
Apply shaving cream on brush
Dip the shaving brush lightly in water before you start. You then swirl it inside your shaving bowl until it forms a very thick lather that will start overflowing from the bowl.

swirl shaving brush in bowl

Step 3 – Using a clean brush, wet your face with water to get it moist and assist in the application of the foam.
wet face with shaving brush

Step 4 – Apply hot towel to the face for about twenty to thirty seconds. When it feels cold, submerge it in hot water and reapply for the second time.
apply hot towel to the face

Step 5- Apply shave gel to your face.
apply shave gel to the face
You can also apply a number of shave oils that are available in the market or even the Proraso pre and post shave balms at this stage.  Take a small dab in your fingers and rub it thoroughly on your face in a circular motion. Ensure that all the areas that you are going to shave are applied with the gel.

The gel works its way through the whiskers and the face and provides a nice protective layer on your skin and a nice cushion for the razor to glide across after applying the cream. This step is especially helpful to people who suffer from any type of skin irritation when shaving with a razor.

Step 6 – Using a shaving brush, apply the shaving foam over the shaving gel that you have just applied on your face.
apply shaving foam to the face
Work it thoroughly in a circular motion until the whole area to be shaved is completely covered. Ensure a nice even coating of the shaving cream. The circular application of the shaving cream will exfoliate the dead outer layer of skin, hydrate your whiskers and get them to stand properly.

When the whiskers are nice and ready to be shaved off using the surgically sharp blade of the Merkur safety razor, you can now move to the next step.

Step 7- Dip the Merkur Long Handled Safety Razor in some hot water to prevent the shock of putting a cold piece of metal on your face. Set the razor at the appropriate setting for the shave that you want and start shaving from the left side of your face.
shaving with the merkur safety razor
Shaving with this razor will be a three pass activity and it is good to do it systematically – starting from the left side burn and moving downwards in the direction of the grains.  Once you are through with the first pass, apply shaving foam again to your face and make a second pass with the shaving razor.

On the second shaving pass, instead of moving downwards, you move the razor across the face from the ears towards the nose. As the razor has a heavy head, you do not need to apply any excessive pressure – just let it glide under the pressure of the head.

Rinse the face and apply the shaving form for the third and final pass. In this pass, you will want to set the razor to the lowest setting so as to avoid excessive irritation to the skin. As there is little hair left on the face, you will move from your neck upwards against the grain. This removes all the remaining little stubs of hair and leaves you completely smooth-faced.

Step 8 – Perform a thorough rinsing of your face with cold water.

This will close off your skin pores which is a very refreshing end to your shaving session. Slightly dry-off your face and apply some sandalwood skin food which provides a protective layer that works for most of the day.

Merkur Long Handled Safety Razor

TheMerkur Long Handled Safety Razor is a very effective shaving tool that will leave you with a baby-smooth face. It is available in two finishes – chrome and satin from the Amazon store.