Braun Clean and Renew Cartridge Refills Review

Braun Clean Cartridges
Braun Clean and Renew Cartridge Refills are refill cartridges having an alcohol-based cleaning solution and the scent of fresh lemon. With them, it is possible to keep a shaver in an almost new condition each day. These refills are come in several pack sizes. They are utilized by Braun’s patented Clean and Renew system base for a user who wishes to clean, lubricate and charge his Braun shaver. The products clean ten times more hygienically when compared to tap water.

Braun is the only brand that uses alcohol cleaning fluid capable of eliminating almost 100% of all bacteria and germs in all cleaning processes. According to tests, using this cleaning center is about ten times more hygienic than cleaning it with tap water. A Braun Clean & Renew refill cartridge should be replaced about four times in a year, making the shave feel like its new each day. The cartridges work with a system base that is sold separately, keeping the shaver and its user’s face in tip-top condition. The fluid also automatically lubricates the razor, assisting the user achieve a smooth shave. The refills maintain a shaver’s sharpness, allowing the owner to use his blades for a longer time prior to replacing them.

The Braun Clean & Renew system is designed to offer the best care for Braun Series 3, 5 and 7 electric shaver. It automatically lubricates and cleans the shavers at a touch of a button. The system is created with maximum convenience in mind, keeping the blades in a top shaving condition. They employ an alcohol-based solution to do away with stubble and facilitate the ultimate performance with each stroke. In the course of the cleaning cycle, the system’s specialized formula lubricates the blades automatically for optimal shaving efficiency. In the process, they add a refreshing lemon scent. A single cartridge is sufficient for an entire month of cleaning. Shavers made by Braun are designed and tested in a way that, with proper maintenance, they will last for at least six years. The Braun Clean & Renew Cartridge Refills can improve a shaver’s performance over time and extend its longevity.

Since Braun was founded in 1921, it has challenged all the conventions that define design. Advanced technological innovations are combined with pure artistry, honoring the precision and passion of the ultimate shaving experience. The company’s unique goal is to desing and manufacture products that make a significant difference in people lives. Braun Clean and Renew Cartridge Refills are among those products.

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