These shaving cream warmer reviews look at some of the most popular products in the market and compare them in terms of price, features, benefits, advantages and disadvantages. There are a number of things to consider before deciding the kind of shaving cream warmer to buy:

  • Price 
  • Compatibility with different can sizes
  • Ease of use
  • Durability
  • Speed of heating

Those are the most important features that customers look for when buying the shaving cream heaters and can make the difference between a positive or negative review. When it comes to durability, most people expect the new warmer to last as long or longer than the previous product. Buyers of these products will be very disappointed if they breakdown within a short time. The products featured here are the best based on customer feedback reviews.

Conair Won't Leave You Cold
conair shaving cream warmer that is deluxe chrome with gel and lather review
Gel and lather system. Works with all brands of cream (7-oz or 10-oz cans). Adjustable heat control with red LED light when ready.3.5/5.0
171 customer reviews
Conair HGL1 Combination
conair gel lather combination review
Combination of gel and lather machine. Fits your favorite shaving gel can. Great for both men and women!3.4/5.0
192 customer reviews
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Conair HGL1NR
conair hgl1nr review
Simple to operate lather machine with variable temperature control to preserve consistency of gel.3.5/5.0
151 customer reviews
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Conair HLM10
conair hlm10 hot lather machine review
Dispensing foam from any-size can and heats up in less than a minute. Device can be used in one hand.4.0/5.0
74 customer reviews
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Conair HLM11CH
conair hlm11ch review
Warms up shaving foam within a minute. Product designed to be used one-handed. Matches bathroom decor to keep the wife happy!4.0/5.0
43 customer reviews
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Conair Gel and Lather Heating System

conair hlm11ch reviewThis shaving gel and lather heating system ensures that you will never have to endure a cold shave again. You will have your shaving gel heated to just the right temperature that is comfortable to use and also enhances the hair removal process.

The controls are easy to understand and a highly visible LED signal will tell you when the cream has reached the correct temperature for use. One other benefit of the Conair Gel and Lather Heating System is that it fits with any standard sized can, be it the 7oz, 10oz and even the 11oz.

While the product has had some favorable reviews from customers, there have been a number of negative and harsh comments as well. The biggest complaint has been that the machine does not heat as well as advertised, is difficult to operate and is too expensive given that it is made from plastic.

Conair HGL1NR Conair Gel and Lather Heating System

Conair HGL1NR Shaving Cream WarmerThe variable control of the Conair HGL1NR ensures that you get your preferred temperature settings. With this feature you will be able to get a consistent quality of your cream as you shave your face or other parts of your body.

It will work with any shaving cream as your cans are of the same shape. You do not have to buy the Conair shaving cream for it to work.

According to customer reviews, this machine works as expected and will heat the shaving cream as per the settings you specify. It is an improvement on previous versions and expect it to last even longer.

Conair HGL1 Combination Hot Gel/Lather Machine, Black

conair gel lather combination reviewThe shaving cream warmer is a combination hot gel and lather machine that comes in standard black. It is well designed to dispense shaving cream at the right temperature – a requirement for proper shaving results.

One feature of the machine is problematic for most users is the safety feature that cuts off power once the cream reaches the set temperature. While this is a useful feature, the cream will cool down if not used immediately. It would have been better if the machine could maintain the cream temperature at the preferred temperature.Other than that, the machine is works well enough. Other benefits include:

  • Guaranteed quality shave with hot lather
  • Hot lather softens the hairs for an easier shave.
  • Compatible with most shaving cream cans
  • Nice design that fits well with the design of your bathroom.
  • Unlike the chrome versions, you will not get water marks on the outside covering.

Conair HLM10 Hot Lather Machine

Conair HLM10 Hot Lather MachineIf you are looking for a hot lather machine that is easy to use and durable, the Conair HLM10 is the right equipment for you. Replicate the barber-shop experience in the comfort of your home using this well designed machine.

An inbuilt thermostat ensures that you get the shaving cream at the right temperature for that memorable shave. With the approaching winter months, this is a tool you want to keep by your side as shaving during the cold months can be a challenge.

Setting-up is easy and all you have to do is take a standard cream can, pop off the top, insert into the machine and you are good to go. Always read the instructions carefully before use to avoid any problems with the machine.

Gel Foam Hot Lather Shaving System (CA900) [Kitchen]

Gel Foam Hot Lather Shaving System (CA900) [Kitchen]This machine comes in two colors – black and grey – which means it can easily compliment any design within the home. It is designed in such a way that it does not take up unnecessary space on your bathroom counter.

Like the other machines reviewed above, the CA900 has a variable temperature control to fit your preferences and can be used with gels or lather creams.

Setting up can the system is easy if you read the instruction carefully. In case you experience any problems setting up, you can contact customer service or simply refer to the many instructional videos online. Once you have the gel firmly locked in place, the dispenser will be giving you warm shaving cream in no time.